Posted May 11, 2018 by Drew Bagay in Comics

DC Comics Raises Price of Ongoing Titles to $3.99


“Drawing the line at $2.99″ has finally come to an end.

DC Comics is officially raising the prices of its main DC Universe line of titles to $3.99. This price increase will affect both physical and digital copies.

Initially, only certain titles like Wonder Woman and The Flash were affected, but based on DC’s July 2018 solicitations, the increase to $3.99 will now include  other ongoing titles like Batman, Detective Comics, Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, and many more. The $2.99 price was a big selling point when DC did its line-wide relaunch “Rebirth” in 2016.

DC’s other lines of comics such as “DC Kids” and the recently launched “New Age of Heroes,” featuring books such as Damage, Silencer, The Terrifics, and more, will remain at $2.99.

It’s unknown if the shipping schedule of some comics will change because of the price increase. Currently, DC ships their flagship books twice monthly, like Tom King’s Batman.

Furthermore, DC will also no longer include complimentary digital downloads in their physical copies, though the publisher stated that the digital program will still used in milestone issues and events.

Will this affect your purchases of DC Comics? Let us know!

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