Posted November 3, 2014 by Tony Tuason in Collectibles

Who’s Hiding in that Box? It’s a Figma SOLID SNAKE

Isn’t it about time we had that great Solid Snake figure? We’ve seen great ones by PlayArts Kai, but I think we deserve something we can really toy around with or a figure that would look great along with our 6-7″ inch figures.

Well, the guys from Max Factory has included a new MGS figure in their Figma line, and it’s gonna be none other than Solid Snake with his Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty suit.

The figure was seen during the recently concluded New York Comic Con 2014, and exact specs and price details has not yet been  revealed. But, we can expect it to be at the same scale with other Figmas, and would probably cost around 2-3,000 plus pesos.


metal-gear-solid-snake-3 metal-gear-solid-snake-1


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