Posted May 17, 2017 by Ryan Villanueva in Collectibles

FIGMA Reveals Their DEADPOOL Action Figure!


Undeniably, Deadpool’s popularity continues to traverse throughout different forms of entertainment; comics, video games, movies and of course, action figures. We have yet to receive new details from the Deadpool sequel and here we’re with news about a new action figure.

Just a few months back, we even reviewed the last Deadpool action figure released (read here) and this week, toy manufacturer, FIGMA, revealed their own versions of Wade Wilson.

FIGMA would be releasing two Deadpool action figures. The first version is the general release which includes a number of interchangeable hands and heads, two swords, two pistols and a knife. The figure would also have a softer mid-section, made specifically for additional dynamic poseability.






The second edition is the DX version, which includes all the accessories from the general release with the addition of an additional head munching chimichanga, an additional hand to hold a chimichanga, a chimichanga, two sais and an interchangeable lower body wearing a pair of heart boxers!





Pre-orders have already started and just like with other Deadpool merchandises, these action figures don’t come in cheap. The Figma Deadpool general release will retail for 7,800.00 JPY while the DX version will be sold for 9,000.00 JPY.

The Figma Deadpool action figure is schedule for a November 2017 release.

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