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Add New Ladies To Your Toy Shelf – Yellow Ranger, Android 18, Quiet, Wasp, Starfire and More

1. S.H. Figuarts MMPR YELLOW RANGER by Bluefin, Tamashii Nations

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!!! The original version (Japanese) of Zyuuranger featured a male Yellow Ranger. But they’re taking an extra step for the US/Western version which has our beloved TRINI in it! Below is the image of the final member of Zordon to be released in June/July for $39.99 .

2. QUIET Play Arts Kai by Square Enix

Hideo Kojima’s latest installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise – MGSV: Ground Zeroes sees the return of Big Boss/Naked Snake. But it also introduces us to a new character – Quiet. She’s getting the Play Arts Kai treatment already, and below is the latest tease from Square Enix. No release date and price have been announced.

3. S.H. Figuarts ANDROID 18 by Bluefin, , Tamashii Nations

Remember that chick during the Cell saga of Dragonball Z? Yep, that’s Android 18, who also became the wife of Krillin. Now you can get her amazing toy counterpart this June/July for $38.99.

4. Marvel Infinite Series WASP by Hasbro

Thinking of completing that Avengers lineup? Well, this new lineup by Marvel Universe which is now called Infinite Series has a  3.75″ inch Wasp. Plus, it also comes with a mini Wasp figure! They’re saying that the figures together with the wave she belongs with costs around $10, but Wasp is allegedly being packed one per case so she might be hard to find.


This April we’ll be seeing a lot from DC Collectibles, but one of them – DC Bombshells is gaining momentum, and it’s one of those DC stuff that you must look at. Previous entries included Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and more. But now they’re coming up with JSA’s Stargirl! Standing 9.7 inches tall, she’ll be having a price of $125

Still addicted to the Batman: Arkham Asylum game? You might wanna check out this Harley Quinn. Standing 9.5 inches tall and will cost you around $125.

Check out these Earth-2 Huntress and Power Girl, which comes in a two-pack. Standing 6.75 inches tall, they’ll be sold as a pair for $45.

Everybody loves Starfire right? Especially if you’re a DC comics reader or you’ve been following Red Hood and The Outlaws. Standing 6.6 inchess tall, she’ll be sold for $25.

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