Posted April 2, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Collectibles

Bluefin Tamashii Unveils SDCC 2012 Exclusive SH Figuarts Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Son Gohan

Bluefin Tamashii has revealed their offering for the upcoming SDCC 2012.

The announcement went live on their Facebook page and it certainly looks pretty sweet. To even sweeten the deal, this exclusive figure will have interchangeable hair and facial expressions. And by “interchangeable hair” it means you can upgrade your Super Saiyan Son Gohan to a Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan.

This was the Son Gohan that beat the crap out of Cell during the Cell Saga in Dragonball Z.

I never really expected Gokou to throw in the towel during this battle. But this definitely cemented Gohan as a force to be reckoned with in the DBZ Universe.

Earl Maghirang