Posted July 16, 2012 by Mikael Angelo Francisco in Movies/TV

SDCC 2012: Fan-Made PUNISHER Short Film Unveiled!

Starring Thomas Jane as Frank Castle once again and featuring Ron Perlman in a special cameo role, independent film studio RAW Studios poses the question: “What is the difference between justice and punishment?”

The answer?


Written by Chad St.John and directed by Phil Joanou, #DIRTYLAUNDRY is perhaps the best film portrayal of the Punisher so far. In ten minutes, it successfully captures the essence of who Frank Castle is and why he does what he does. According to Joanou and Jane, this was intended to be a love letter for fans of the Punisher, and they had to call in a lot of favors to make this possible. Looks like it paid off; these guys clearly know what they’re doing, and this is enough to redeem Thomas Jane in my eyes and to earn the actor (a self-proclaimed fan of the character) another shot at portraying the gun-toting vigilante.

Now if only we could get a full-length Punisher feature film from these guys…

Mikael Angelo Francisco