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The GREAT GEEK GIVEAWAY SAGA 2013: Choose Your Ultimate Prize [POLL]

Note: EXTENDED until JANUARY 31, 2014!

December is truly the most wonderful time for our geeky readers and followers, because it’s the time of year in which we release our most awesome GEEK GIVEAWAY yet. Every year, the FG team does it’s best to bring you news, scoops, reviews and geeky stuff especially with regards to geek culture in the Philippines. As time goes by, our audience and reach has widened, and we were able to do more stuff. Thus, we have had our rewards and we now ultimately would love to share them with you (cheesy!).

We now present you The GREAT GEEK GIVEAWAY SAGA of 2013!! We’re calling it that because starting this year, we’ll be giving out the best and biggest geeky giveaways we can give to our readers. Lots of Toys, Books, Comics , DVDs ….. FREE S#IT!!!! Since this Geek Giveaway is very special, for the whole month of December, we will be adding some new stuff from time to time but it depends if more people join and if more sponsors come in, so please help us spread the word too.


1. LIKE our official Facebook page HERE.

2. COMMENT on this PHOTO, by telling us which of the prizes would be your ultimate prize or what item would you want to win.

3. SHARE the same PHOTO linked above.

(Make sure to read until the end of the article for some very important notes, now let’s go to the good part)

Now, the good part!!  Here are the official list of items that we currently have and are ready to be sacrificed for THE GREAT GEEK GIVEAWAY SAGA!! We have various DVDs, Toys and Comics lined up but as stated above more might be added. Just remember that those who join and follow the rules stated earlier will be eligible in winning all the items listed here in this page. (IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER)

DVDs   Original DVDs sponsored by C-Interactive

1. TWO (2) DVDs  of “Perks Of Being A Wallflower

2. TWO (2) DVDs  of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

3. One DVD of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2-Disc Special Edition)”

4. One DVD of “Rurouni Kenshin (Live-Action)”



1. Special Giveaway - TWO Revoltech Lootbags (sponsored by Arigatoys Collectibles)

We’ve got TWO lootbags from  Arigatoys and Revoltech Philippines for the upcoming 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair , in which it is filled up with various goodies and of a MYSTERY Revoltech item - it might be Raiden, an Evangelion unit .. who knows?! You can check out the details on what’s in the bag HERE. It’s the first part of the GREAT GEEK GIVEAWAY SAGA, but some mechanics will be different especially on the End Date . 

If you wanna join the fun and have a go in possibly winning a Revoltech lootbag, then make sure you have a Facebook account and go to this link –> HERE

Don’t forget to LIKE the Facebook pages of  Arigatoys and Revoltech Philippines!

2. S.H. Figuarts Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger – Dragonranger aka Green Ranger!



1. Wolverine: Weapon X TPB by Barry Windsor-Smith

2. Wolverine TPB by Claremont and Miller

3. Green Arrow: Year One TPB by Diggle and Jock

4. Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War (Complete Edition, TPB)

5. TRESE: Book of Murders  by Tan and Baldisimo (Hardcover)


1. Special Giveaway – TWO 47 Ronin USB HUB (Sponsored by Solar-UIP)

* Ultimate and ABSOLUTE giveaway

Last year we did gave away one Absolute edition, this year we’ll be doing the same. We would also like to know which of the Absolute editions would you like to win as your ultimate prize this Christmas, although the absolute edition maybe subject to availability but one thing’s for sure — you’re gonna get your ABSOLUTE, but what title?– you decide ;)


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  • The Giveaway will END on January 01, 2014 at 12:00am.
  • Only one prize per winner
  • Winners will be contacted via Facebook.
  • Winners should be able to pick their prize here in METRO MANILA, you may have a proxy. Failure to get the items a month after the official notice, will mean forfeit of the item.

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