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Geeks In Metro Manila Welcome MAY With FCBD, Star Wars Day And Spider-Man Screening

It was not gonna be an ordinary month. May is known to geeks all around the world as a month full of geek goodness, mainly because of two huge events – Free Comic Book Day, and Star Wars Day . The coolest thing was both events will happen on the first weekend of May. FCBD happens on the first Saturday of May, while Star Wars Day is on May 4 (hence May the 4th be with you).  The weekend was probably one of the most amazing weekends everyone had this year. Comic shops in Metro Manila such as Druid’s Keep, Comic Odyssey (together with Fully Booked) and Filbar’s were doing all-nighters getting those comics ready for FCBD. While some shops and distributos like Arigatoys were preparing their displays for Star Wars day which was held in Resorts World Manila. Meanwhile, your Flipgeeks team also prepared something to cap off FCBD – we had a screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2!!

For some it was also a long weekend holiday because of Labor Day, and while others were going to the beach, us geeks were flocking to various shops and events on that Saturday and Sunday. Comic book readers, movie-goers, super fans and casual fans, Dads converting their children to geekiness, cosplayers, collectors, artitsts, were all present to celebrate geekdom.

That weekend wasn’t just about getting free comics,  or getting known as an artist or cosplayer. But, it was more of the appreciation of the craft, the medium, the stories and art form. But most of all, it reminded us that we have a very great community (heck, a lot of people even lined up as early as 5am!) and that we can be united because of our passion in the geeky things that we love. If you missed out on that awesome weekend, you can read on and view images and even watch a video we made specially for FCBD and Star Wars Day!

Over  at Druid’s Keep friends and artists gathered for sketchings, laughter and comics talk! (Thanks to Carlo Pagulayan for the images!)
Here’s what went down at Filbar’s SM Megamall branch. Aside from the shop participating in FCBD, they’re also part of the mall’s Mega Sale weekend. So, people who lined up in Filbar’s got free comics and big discounts on a lot of great items too!

Hope you guys like our video and coverage to what happened all around Metro Manila! We also hope to see you in our next screening for X:Men – Days Of Future Past! Lastly, we’d like to thank again our sponsors and partners throughout that weekend – Druid’s Keep, Comic Odyssey, Filbar’s, Arigatoys and Nexcon! See you guys in future events!

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