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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1 — My First Time with ADVENTURE TIME


When I was given Adventure Time: Flip Side issue #1 for review, I immediately mentioned that I have absolutely no idea about the book and its characters. All I know is that the Adventure Time franchise is popular these days but to be honest I haven’t seen a single episode of the Adventure Time series and making this review might be a challenge for me. Even though I’m completely clueless to what’s in store for me I decided to read on and experience Adventure Time in its comic book format.

Adventure Time: Flip Side is a six part mini-series published by KaBOOM! Studios. Adventure Time: Flip Side #1 begins with Finn being diagnosed with a Quest Deficiency, or lack of quests, and as what the title of the book suggests, Finn is an adventurer and he lives for quests. He and his friend Jake along with their gameboy looking friend (whose name wasn’t mentioned in this issue) decides to get up and help Finn get rid of his illness and start by taking on quests. They start with little quests like helping a giant tie his shoelaces and a centaur retrieve his cupcakes however these quests didn’t satisfy Finn and he longed for more quests. As they searched for quests they were able to locate a giant message board where different (and unique) quests are posted. The quests are presented in a role playing format wherein after completing the quests you get a reward in return. I wouldn’t  want to spoil the experience for you  that’s why I wouldn’t reveal the rest of the story though I’d say that Adventure Time: Flip Side has an interesting twist.

For a first time reader without knowing anything about Adventure Time to begin with I’d say that I had a nice time reading the first issue. The only thing that I didn’t like would have to be my lack of knowledge for the material. Adventure Time: Flip Side Is written for long time followers that’s why no back-story or proper introduction is given to this issue. First time readers like me would have no idea who Finn and Jake are or what they do, I didn’t even get to catch the name of their gameboy looking friend. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing its actually more of a good thing as I’m now curious to know more about Adventure Time. Adventure Time: Flip Side issue 1 is well written and the twist to its story makes you look forward to what happens next in the series. For long time fans, I’m sure that they would love this title as well as this is a new adventure added to probably a number of adventures that Jake and Finn had. For long time fans and new readers Adventure Time: Flip Side # 1 is a nice addition to your pick list if you’re trying to look for fresh new titles to read.

Rating: 7/10

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