Posted October 31, 2013 by Nicolo Parungo in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Adventure Time Spooktacular 2013 #1

Halloween TIME!

Writers: Jones Wielde, Bryce Carlson, Jay Hosler, Kevin Church
Artists: Jones Wielde, Frazer Irving, Jay Hosler, Kevin Vaughn
Company: BOOM! Studios

As far as Halloween comics go Adventure Time Spooktacular 2013 is a competent anthology, while not being a particularly deep or mind blowing title in terms of story it does capture the spirit of the show very well while being a fun read in its own right.

The four stories presented here are all well done and feature various fan favorites from the hit cartoon. Finn and Jake are in most of the stories, but others like the Ice King and Marceline are also put into focus with amusing – though predictable -results.

What isn’t predictable is the standout story featuring Starchy the grave digger in what has to be the creepiest tale here written by Bryce Carlson with art by the fantastic Frazer Irving from Batman and Robin fame. It perfectly fits with the Halloween theme and seeing Irving draw the Adventure Time cast is a sight to behold.

Overall the book feels like Halloween candy, lacking in substance but still a pleasure to digest. BOOM! Studios’ Adventure Time continues to set the standard for all ages books.


Nicolo Parungo