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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: A Cold Adventure Hits in Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special

Adventure Time:2014 Winter Special
Snow Hope, Written and Illustrated by Luke Pearson
Pups in Peril, Written and Illustrated by Jeremy Sorese
A Sour Winter, Written and Illustrated by  Zysk
Eye Scream, Written by Janet Rose & Allison Strejlau, Illustrated by Allison Strejlau
PUBLISHER: Kaboom! Studios

Adventure Time:2014 Winter Special is a 4-story issue that revolves around the topic of Winter and Snow. Over in our part of the world, Winter is something that we don’t get to experience and the closest thing that we could get to it would be the cold weather that we have been experiencing these past few weeks.

I actually like reading specials because its something that you could jump right on without having to worry not reading the previous storylines and Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special does just that. I like how this issue is a 4 stories in one book and 5 different artists have their own interpretation of the Adventure Time world. I previously reviewed another Adventure Time book (which can be found HERE) and as of this writing that was the only reference that I have as far as Adventure Time is concerned. I still haven’t found the time to watch the series (which most of friends recommended that I should) so I probably would stick with the comics for now.

The first story for Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special is SNOW HOPE which was  done by Luke Pearson. Snow Hope was about Finn and Jake’s anticipation for the first arrival of snow. To their dismay, snow hasn’t even made a signal drop and they thought that the Ice King stole it. They confronted Ice King, the king got mad and poured snow all over the place which was Jake and Finn’s idea all along. The next story was PUPS IN PERIL by Jeremy Sorese. The story starts with Jake being held in a cage and was being accused as a “Hot Dog”. Jake was captured because he was a threat to the ice kingdom. Finally I was able to learn the gameboy looking fellow’s name, BMO. I guess he’s my fave character even from the one Adventure Time issue I read and Im glad to see that he finally got the moment in this story as he was the one who help free Jake from his captors. Turns out there was a real Hot Dog who BMO released and help melt the ice people in the end of the story. A SOUR WINTER by  Zysk is a short story about Earl of Lemongrab’s complaint against winter. He tried to almost every means to destroy it but to no success and all he end up doing in defeat is writing to the Princess about his complaints and as it turns out, Earl of Lemongrab has a volumes of complaints filed with the Princess. The last story to this issue is by Janet Rose & Allison Strejlau’s EYE SCREAM, a story about the Adventure Time gang being attacked by a snow monster who turns out to be Tree Trunks’ Fried Ice Cream who simply wants to join the fun.

I liked how this issue was written, it was nice reading different artists’ perspective on a common theme, Winter. Among all the stories in Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special, it was Snow Hope that I liked most. It was simple and well-written and had some funny moments in it, I actually laugh at a line or two reading that story. Overall, Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special is not that bad, for a person who’s not well acquainted with the Adventure Time franchise, I had a nice time reading it but it wasn’t enough to convert me into a fan. The art in this issue reminds me of the comics section in Sunday newspapers. The panels were straight forward and the art is brightly colored something that would greatly appeal to young readers. Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special is a nice gift to someone who you’d like to introduce to the comic book format but its also a nice addition to your collection if you’re a fan of this series.

Rating: 7/10

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