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LET’S TALK KOMIKS: It’s Adventure Time with Meg Omac

A lot of Filipino Artists have been given a chance to draw for international and mainstream comics these days. It’s very promising to see that Filipino talents are being recognize world wide. Luckily, FlipGeeks managed to do a short interview with freelance Illustrator and comic artist Meg Omac about herself and on how she got to work on Adventure Time #8 which is coming out this February 15, 2017.

Adventure Time #8 by Meg Omac

Adventure Time #8 by Meg Omac

FLIPGEEKS: Before we start, congratulations on getting to illustrate the main cover for Adventure Time #8! Now, for the benefit of those who don’t know or want to know you, could you tell us something about yourself? Like, who is Meg Omac?
MEG OMAC: You’re welcome and thanks! Well, I’m a freelance illustrator and comic artist. Born and raised right here in Manila. I love film, especially animation.

What made you start illustrating?
Ever since I could remember I’ve always loved drawing. Made my own comics and drew a lot as a kid. I can thank my mom for exposing me to Loomis and Rockwell since she was an artist herself. I aspired to at least be in the art industry. I got a scholarship for my degree in multimedia arts and did graphic design and CG for a few years but I always went back to drawing at night after work and in my free time. It was when I started getting professional recognition, I decided to keep at it and not be afraid.

How did you get the job for Adventure Time #8?
I got an email from the studio [BOOM! Studios] that does comics for Cartoon Network because of my personal work and fan art on Tumblr, It started from there and it’s been a year now but I’ve already done a few comics with them for Clarence. This is my first shot at Adventure Time. In issue #8, I did the cover and the comic itself.

Any future illustrations we should watch out for?
Probably some more Cartoon Network comics.

Tips for those aspiring artists who want to be like you?
It’s not an easy industry. If you wanna make a living in art you need a lot of self-motivation, hard work and a bit of luck. Don’t stop drawing and learn a bit of business.

Where can your fans follow your work? Any social media?
I have a Tumblr http://magecom.tumblr.com/ Twitter @magecom_ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/megomac. And that’s it. Y’all can check on updates there.

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