Posted July 6, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Collectibles

GEEK STUFF: Jad Montenegro And Her Cool DIY ADVENTURE TIME Plushies!

We here at Flipgeeks are big fans of Adventure Time. There’s something about the said toon that kept us hooked with it for more than a year already. Perhaps it’s the quirky art. Or the imagery of their universe. Or the complex bunch of characters brought to the plate. Nah, we say, all of the things mentioned enticed us to follow it even more.

Amazingly, one fan took her fandom to the next level by crafting several Adventure Time-themed plushies, patterned after some of the show’s characters. We must say, these dolls are beautifully made and anyone would easily want to get one of these at first sight.

Photos: Jad Montenegro-Amor

These wonderful plush dolls were made by Davao-based musician and self-confessed geek Jad Montenegro-Amor. She shared that it was actually her husband John Amor(of Tres Komikeros) who inspired her to create them after the latter asked her to make a couple of beanies.

” I didn’t know anything about crochet before that. I guess hats and curly afros go together. But anyway, people liked the hats he was wearing and asked me to sell them, so. I put up a shop and they’d make hat orders. After a while I learned amigurumi (which is crochet doll-making) because there are so many fun geeky characters made out of crochet out there, not just dollies and coasters and stuff. And from there it just branched out into other media. This set is sort of my personal learning challenge. I chose Adventure Time because we’re both huge Adventure Time fans.”

When asked if she’ll mass produce these dolls in the future, she mused that the process is tedious and would take a huge chunk of her time. ” Each crochet doll takes about 22 hours spaced out over a month or two during my free time. I’d love to make cute amigurumi for people but i’d have to leave my real job, haha!”

Yuri Mangahas

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