Posted June 6, 2014 by Tony Tuason in Columns

GEEK STUFF: Transformer Hats and Dragon Hair Clips

For our newest Geek Stuff entry, here’s something that Transformers and Game of Thrones fans would love. A lot of us love to wear hats, and wouldn’t it be extra cool if it were geeky hats? Well, the guys from Stylin’ Online has made this trucker hats for those Transformer fans, and let’s them choose their side – Autobots or Decepticons. They do have a lot of designs, but their new trucker hats feature some masks, maybe to hide your identity or for party or convention purposes. One thing is for sure though, these trucker hats are “more than meets the eye“.

Meanwhile, here’s something for the ladies. We know our lady geeks sometimes love those geeky hair pins or clips. But would you girls want to have your own dragon accessories? If you also love Game of Thrones, especially Daenarys, and you’ve been fantasizing of having your own dragon babies maybe you’ll like these from Etsy!



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