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Here at FLIPGEEKS we’re big SPIDER-MAN fans and when AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 came out we all wanted to jump in and make our review. Instead of our regular comic book review Kyle, Yuri, Nico and I decided to sit down and chat about Peter Parker’s return in ASM#1. In this review, we’d talk about the issue, a little about the movie and all other things SPIDER-MAN.

KYLE: HELLO CITIZENS, I AM KYLE, HOW ARE YOU….Wait, let’s try that again.

Hello readers, aaaaand welcome to…well, whatever you want to call this. Ryan, Yuri and I will be talking about Amazing Spider-Man #1, which was released last week. It took a year and three months, but Pete’s finally back! And because it’s Wolverine’s turn to die this year, I think Pete’ll be safe for at least a couple of years. Hehe.. Aaaaanyway, turning it over to my buddies, Ryan and Yuri!

RYAN: Its been a great week for spider-man, with the release of the new movie and amazing spider-man #1 we couldnt be more happier

KYLE: Oh yes.

YURI: I’m glad he’s back – with his quips and what not. The jokes, the same Parker luck. It’s all there.

KYLE: And the costume! The same costume we’ve all come to love for 52 years.

(The goggles and the claws never really worked for me – only one Spider deserves to have claws, and that’s good ol’ Miguel O’Hara.)

YURI: Haha! Right you are. Black’s not fitting for Pete anyway.

RYAN: Yup. I agree. Nothing beats the classic costume.

KYLE: See why these people are my friends, folks? Great minds think alike.

YURI: The red and blue’s back to beat baddies black and blue. Oops, a Wonder Woman reference. :))

Anyway, back to Spidey. I’m really happy that he’s back. Let’s just say that Otto did not really seem to attach to me quite well as Spider-Man.

RYAN: What do you guys think about Peter’s return? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow Otto’s run.

YURI: Well, it was a good run. Despite Otto’s unlikeability, Dan Slott was able to provide us moments of suspense and thrill – like I was watching an entire season of a TV show. At least that’s how it felt for me.

KYLE: The problem with Slott’s run on Superior Spider-Man was that it wasn’t consistent. It had an interesting premise, but the execution was rather lackluster. And everyone in the title was taking stupid pills =))

RYAN: I remember reading a few months back that a lot of people hated Dan Slott for killing Spidey and now people are actually sad to see Otto go. I guess it was a well played arc since some people were able to “accept” Otto as the Superior Spider-Man.

YURI: I think he’s still out somewhere. He’ll be back, that’s for sure.

KYLE: Yup! I think so, too. He’s too… great? Classic? Too important to kill off permanently.

RYAN: I agree. No one dies permanently in the Marvel Universe.

YURI: ……excluding Ben Parker? :))


RYAN: True. My bad. Hahaha

YURI: Haha! Now that we’re done discussing Superior, shall we move over to Amazing now?

KYLE: Yes, please!

YURI: (Oh God, I miss reading that on the cover.) :))

RYAN: Alright. Let’s start with the first few pages of this issue. The flashback. There was this other person bitten by the radioactive spider.

KYLE: Yep. A girl or a really shapely guy. Kidding.

YURI: Yes! And if you noticed, the spider absorbed a bit of electricity too. Which brings me to this curiosity regarding her powers.

KYLE: Spider-Electro! Or not.

YURI:  Or maybe something similar to Miles Morales’ Venom Strike?

KYLE: Possibly. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be…………….. shocked. Hehehehehe.

YURI:  Hahaha! It was a good way to open the issue IMHO. At least we got a buildup there. Is she a hero? A friend? That, we’re bound to find out.

RYAN: Right. I loved how the flashback was drawn. It gives that classic vibe to it though you’d notice that Peter Parker has the Benjamin Button vibe, he actually looks younger in the present. Hahaha.

KYLE: Indeed. It looks like Marvel doesn’t plan to make Peter’s return a smooth ride.

YURI:  I concur. If Superior’s mess wasn’t bad enough.

RYAN: Peter’s got to fix all the mess that Otto did and based on this issue, it looks a LOT.

KYLE: Well, at least he’s DOCTOR Parker now and a CEO.

YURI: Right. Peter Parker, PhD – albeit, like Ryan said, he still looks like a dude in his teens.

RYAN: I could actually relate to Pete since I wasnt able to read the Superior run, I was like He’s a doctor now? Just like him I was totally clueless.

YURI: Yes. He’s still making sense of the things that occurred in his absence. It might take a long while before he gets accustomed with the status quo.

KYLE: And unfortunately, there’s a good chance that it won’t be long before he screws up. In a major way.

YURI:  Now let’s see how Parker luck keeps up. Haha! (BTW, who coined that term? Was it Johnny Storm?)

KYLE: Soooo spoilers ON. How the hell is he going to explain (a) the ring and (b) his secret identity to Ms. Marconi?

Ahh, the “Parker luck” thing was a Peter original, IIRC. Johnny used it (coincidentally) to describe Peter’s luck in the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini by Slott, because from an outsider’s point of view, Pete has the sweetest luck ever. I think Peter almost died laughing.

YURI:  Well he’s right. Sweet luck indeed.

Anna Marie! That’s a hard one.

RYAN: Id pass on this one because I dont have any idea what Otto and Ms Marconi had. I guess it was that deep that he thought of proposing to her.

KYLE: Yep. Sweet luck of the “my archnemesis wore my body like a meat puppet for a year and my wife-but-not-wife somehow decided that leaving me in my darkest hour was a brilliant idea” kind.

RYAN: I was shocked with the “three freckles under the belly button”. So that what gave Spidey’s identity away?

YURI:  Yeah. Tough luck would be more apt perhaps. :))

KYLE: Yep. Three freckles under the belly button, which is officially more information than I ever would have wanted to know about Spidey. :|

YURI:  Likewise.

RYAN: Me too. Too much information indeed.

KYLE: On the plus side, I think I’m slowly warming up to Ramos’s art. I like how he drew Peter’s hair – nice and good-boyish, as opposed to Otto’s slick hairstyle.

The story itself was standard Spidey, or at least standard Slott Spidey. If you’ve been reading Slott’s Spidey run, it’s pretty much the usual quality we’ve come to expect.

YURI:  It actually kinda reminded me of that Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. Ramos’ style is a slight ringer with the said show’s look. Am I the only one who felt like this issue lacked oomp for an opener?

KYLE: Yes. It was kind of weak.

RYAN: Yup. I also loved how they made Spidey crack jokes again. I actually missed count how many punchlines he had in this issue.

YURI:  Well, it was a good debut, but for my end, Superior’s finale was a more fitting #1.

RYAN: Id say its an average issue for me. I agree that it wasnt a strong opener but it actually sets the stage for whatever they’re planning for the succeeding issues.

YURI:  The humor’s actually ramped up this time. That’s something I could totally appreciate. That flying car joke cracked me up BTW.

KYLE: Spider-Woman’s reaction to Peter’s, uh, plight made me laugh.

YURI:  Safe to say, the humor and the art are the redeeming factors of this ish and also, the buildups.

RYAN: That was the same for me when Spider-Woman said “cause that could only happen to him” . A classic Parker Luck reference again. Hehehe.

YURI: Haha! Poor Petey.

KYLE: Hahahahaha!

RYAN: After reading this I cant help but compare Tobey Maguirre was the Otto version of Peter and Andrew Garfield is indeed Peter Parker.

KYLE: Hahahahahahahahahaha! That’s an interesting comparison.

NICO: hey sorry the late reply :)) Didn’t notice this group till now. I like to think Andrew is Ultimate Peter (not a bad thing).

YURI: Amusing. Haha! Perhaps you’re right.

KYLE: (Which should get equally interesting reactions,)


NICO: If it were up to me I’d name the current movie franchise Ultimate Spider-Man :))



NICO: =)))) Nico uses PUN.


KYLE: uses RUN.

YURI: Hahaha!

KYLE: Anyway.

NICO: so regarding ASM #1…

KYLE: Thoughts on ASM#1?

NICO: i think we can all agree that it doesn’t FEEL like a number #1?

KYLE: Oh yes.

YURI: Indeed.

RYAN: Im the odd one out.

NICO: It’s essentially Superior Spider-Man #32.I can see your point though Ryan, Slott makes sure everyone knows what’s up, plenty of exposition,which works.

KYLE: (And we haven’t even talked about Black Cat yet. I’m STILL pissed about her character regression. Yep, I think it’s a regression.)

NICO: Exactly :)) You’d think she’d know something was up with Spidey.

RYAN: Yeah. That was a major question mark for me too.

YURI: I think we all share the same sentiment.

NICO: btw I thought the “Arker Industries” joke was hilarious and they were taking a P break :))

KYLE: Hehe. That cracked me up too. Classic Pete. You could just tell that the Parker fish is absolutely out of the water.

NICO: One more thing; the teaser piece for Spider-Man: Year One has me excited. Ramon Perez’s art is awesome, and I’m kind of excited for this new villain.

KYLE: Yes! White Sonic Lines Spider-Man is fascinating!

NICO: even if all the iphones were eh for me.

YURI: Yes. Reminded me of Marvels.


NICO: It felt too much like “HEY GUYS! WE’RE MODERN NOW” but I understand it.

KYLE: Yeah, what was up with all the iGadgets? Curse yoooou sliding timeline!

YURI: Thank you, comics. Only you could pull this off. :))

NICO: also: I’m guessing Spider-Woman’s reaction meant Pete explained his situation to the Avengers?

YURI: How about that Electro segment?

NICO: I dug it naman. They even explained his backstories from Ends of the Earth and Superior team Up.

YURI: I found it good too. Seems like they’re up to something in the next issues as far as the story goes.

NICO: In fact I liked how both Electro and Black Cat’s situations felt like bitter and angry reactions to what Otto did to Peter.

KYLE: Hah, Electro. His characterization has been ping-ponging from being a douchenozzle who’ll only do things for money to a power-hungry but incompetent villain. And now, he wants recognition. AND he’s blind. Thank God nobody remembers what Mark Millar did to him in Marvel Knights.

NICO: You mean mister “prison gave me new kinks” Electro?

RYAN: Me too. Electro wasnt really a BIG Spidey villain and this issue sort of gives his character that break he’s waiting for.

NICO: I think we can all agree that Electro’s always been a power house but is dumb :))

YURI: Which brings me to this point: Movie Electro’s overpowered, eh?

NICO: I was okay with it. If he wasn’t a big threat to Spidey then it wouldn’t have been as challenging.

RYAN: Comparing to his comic version, yes.

KYLE: Yep, One-eyed “there’s a new side of me I never knew existed” Electro.

YURI: The god named Sparkles, rising from the ashes.

NICO: =)))) Did you guys enjoy the cute “this is how my stuff works” segment?

KYLE: I liked it. Mini-Marvels without being Mini.

RYAN: Yes.

YURI: Like you said, it’s cute. It’s a feel good segment for me.

NICO: Same. It helps new readers and is adorable :)) I’ll always love Chris Giarruso art


“may I offer you a tasty beverage?”

RYAN: How about the other Spider-guys, Miguel O’Hara and Kaine? I wonder why they didnt include Venom.

NICO: I liked Kaine’s short segment although it makes more sense if you’ve read Scarlet Spider. Venom just joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, so no time for him to react I guess?

YURI: Now that makes sense.

NICO: did you guys like the FCBD Guardians story?

KYLE: The 2099 story was my favorite, re: FCBD… 1602 T_____________T


KYLE: I liked that guy. He was funny and really nice.

YURI: Those two other parts are meant to be treated as teasers, I guess.

KYLE: God why T_T

NICO: at least he died a hero telling everyone to leave before they got hurt.

YURI: Ah. Peter Parquagh. WHYYY!!!

KYLE: Marion Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!

NICO: I wonder who the next victims are…

YURI: Maybe Tobey’s. Haha!


RYAN: *drool*

KYLE: Yes!

NICO: imho he drew the best looking AVX issues.

YURI: I agree Nick. *Nico*

NICO: Nick is fine too haha!

RYAN: another resounding YES! YES! YES! right Nico?


KYLE: The only thing that could make this better is if Alex Ross could draw a gatefold cover for Spider-Verse. My wallet will hate me. (more than it already does)

YURI: Yes! Make it the throwback cover of all throwback covers.

NICO: del’otto dis the promotional art right?

YURI: Yep!

NICO: nice nice :))

YURI: So, shall we give our scores now?

NICO: I’d give it a solid 7.5? maybe even an 8? Good humor, solid progression and Ramos art (you either love it or hate it). Not to mention mostly solid back up stories with my super nit pick flaw being it doesn’t “feel” like a #1, but it IS new reader friendly enough there’s to much catching up and not enough brand new direction for me even though I understand that it HAS to include the fallout from Superior Spider-Man because ignoring what happened isn’t progress.

RYAN: Its also an 8 for me. A solid issue that welcomes new readers and including returning fans to catch up on what happened so far and like what you said earlier, it picks up where Superior left off.

YURI: I’d say, an 8 will do nicely. It might have lacked momentum, but it has enough buildup to keep things going.

KYLE: Aaaaand it gets an 8 from me. Mainly because there’s so much in the book (heck, we even got an Inhuman reprint that nobody asked for! What a sweet deal!).


NICO: Ryan Stegman heads to that book in issue 4.

RYAN: JOEMAD should also draw a Spidey book!

YURI: Same thing with Superior #30, where we got a Black Widow reprint.

NICO: I loved his three Avenging Spider-Man books, man.

YURI: I guess we all are in an agreement that Joe Mad should return to the Spidey fold.

NICO: one last thing: While his art worked with Superior Spider-Man’s tone can Guiseppe Cammuncolli move to Wolverine or Punisher? Like I said: His art has improved well; I even liked his Black-Cat back-up (well the art of it) but his pencils really suit darker titles.

KYLE: I think his style suits Punisher or Wolvie better than Spidey.

YURI: Probably Punisher. But the current art style works for me.

NICO: THUNDERBOLTS! He’d be good for that too.

RYAN: Have you read X-Infernus? He would suit just fine with either Wolvie or Frank’s books.

NICO: ahhh yeah.

KYLE: I thought you said “boobs,” and then I pictured Wolverine with breasts, and now I think I need some chocolate because that was a very depressing thought.

NICO: =)))

YURI: Oh no. Haha! That would be……disturbing.

RYAN: Hahaha, Before this goes on forever I think its about time that we end our review for ASM#1. Any last words guys?

NICO: Definitely worth getting if you’ve been following Superior Spider-Man or haven’t read a Spider-man book in a long time. Wouldn’t recommend it to converted fans of the movie though they could get the new MK Spider-Man TPB which just came out.

YURI: It’s a fresh slate for an already familiar character. It would be interesting to see how he deals with the Superior fallout in the next issues. While it is true that following Superior might be a prerequisite to see how things have gone by – which might set new readers aback, at least the art, humor and the backup segments make up for it.

KYLE: Get ASM #1. If you’ve ever been a fan of Spider-Man, now’s a good place to start (or resume) reading. Come on, it’s Peter, how could you resist those brown eyes and bad jokes?

Call him Amazing, call him Spectacular, just don’t call him late for dinner!

And do NOT call him Superior.

RYAN: Like what they said, GET IT.

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