Posted October 25, 2010 by Timzster in Movies/TV

A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME: George Lucas plans a new Star Wars trilogy?!

Looks like the force is strong with rumors in the Star Wars universe!

Even if George Lucas is done telling the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies, he’s far from done with the franchise that sealed his legacy in the world of science fiction and movies. Even with the news out that he’ll be converting the original six movies into 3D, there’s already a rumor that once that’s done, the legendary film director is planning on creating a NEW TRILOGY of movies – one that doesn’t star or have anything to do with the Skywalker family! As reported in i09’s post, the rumor comes from IESB.net, and it’s a feeling of deja vu ala 1990, during the time when Lucas released Special Editions of the original Star Wars trilogy just before he made and released the prequel trilogy in 1999!

Still, this is a rumor that has no confrimation yet whatsoever, and it’ll be a long time before the 3D conversion for all the original movies is complete, which should be around 2015 or 2016. For more on the story, check out the source post at i09.com!


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