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FIRST LOOK: Stephen Amell as Green Arrow for CW’s “Arrow” has released the very first “first look” image of actor Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow for the new upcoming superhero TV series by The CW called “Arrow“. Considering it’s bas...

First pic of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

This has been posted almost everywhere, but what the heck, here it is… The first shot of Andrew Garfield dressed up as Spider-Man! Of course, this is just the promotional shot featuring Garfield in costume. It’s an ...

Officially Confirmed: The Walking Dead gets a Second Season!

Like many people who have started shuffling to their television sets, I’ve been thoroughly pleased with AMC’s TV series adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“.


A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME: George Lucas plans a new Star Wars trilogy?!

Looks like the force is strong with rumors in the Star Wars universe! Even if George Lucas is done telling the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies, he’s far from done with the f...