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WATCH: “Steven Universe” Brought To Life By Local Fans!

Steven Universe is one of the most beloved animated shows in television. Created by an ex-Adventure Time writer, Rebecca Sugar. This show follows a young boy named, Steven Universe who lives with three female alien superheroes who saves the world day by day. The show is dubbed to be one of the most smartest, joyful, and emotionally affecting sci-fi family shows of the decade. Of course, with a large following of fans both young and old they would express their love for the show in different ways.

SUFINALIn the Philippines, a group of  fans made a long term passion project to re-create a beloved episode from the show. . The fan film of the same name of the episode “Sworn to the Sword” (the ninth episode of the show’s second season) sees Connie (played by Foxrots) learning to fight from Pearl (Kanra) to help Steven (Toyger Mittens) and the Crystal Gems protect the earth from unknown threats.This explores some familiar ground that were translated pretty well on live-action, even how certain transitions would parallel the overall message of being Sworn to the Sword. It’s not exactly a direct adaptation, but the aim of the people behind the scenes would be to have their own spin on it. In 7-minutes they were able to recreate the look and feel of the show through their performances (both singing and acting) and the top-notch costumes. but goes more Show some love and support for their future fan films!  hit the jump and see for yourself!

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