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GEEK HUNT: First look at the new DRUID’S KEEP

GEEK HUNT features stores and other locations, in which we take a look at what they have to offer may it be toys, games, comics or whatever cool and geeky items that we can find!


Remember Druids Keep?  Remember when it used to be in Magallanes? Remember how it felt like to just hang out in that small shop that has a lot of display on the window, all those statues and collectibles. Then there's the small round table that has a bowl of candies on top of it, together with a pile of magazines and previews. Remember the people who hang out there a lot - those "suki" geeky guys you'd always see there, them comics artist gathering there? Remember Felix and his "sidekick" Edward (no, not the vampire). Well I do. And when news broke out that the Magallanes branch was closed down, and they were moving to a different location and it was now much smaller, I couldn't help but to feel sad back then.


A few weeks ago, while I was browsing my facebook. I saw a post from Felix that Druid’s Keep was going to open again in a new branchm and it will be bigger.


New branch, same guys running it, much much bigger. No better news in geekdom was there except for that announcement.


Me together with Felix Cua and artist Jomar Bulda at the new Druid's Keep


So me, my girlfriend and a friend decided to go there and take a peek at the new branch, which was now located at the Fort Strip. Back then I remember how I would commute all the way from Quezon City, via train then jeep or a cab to get there just to buy my copy of Green Lantern comics, some Plastic bags and comic boxes. I liked the place immediately and it really didn’t matter how far it was. And when I entered the shop I knew that nothing was gonna change.


I was lucky that I caught Felix still staying there, mainly because he was overseeing the ongoing construction of the store. We talked about a lot of things but mainly it was about comics of course! He also told me details on how huge the store will be, and it just made me more excited.


There are still a lot of spaces to be filled in the store, which is currently just a section of the whole store. There’s some spaces outside where they can put tables and chairs, a place where friends can chat about recent geek stuff. Though we still don’t know the final layout yet, we’re pretty sure we’re gonna see more comic bins in there.


Having another comic shop to go to is one of the best I tell you. More stuff to look into, especially if you’re hunting for some back issues or some hard to find collectibles.


Oh and best part is, the store is only 1/3 done. The new DRUIDS KEEP is gonna be a lot bigger than it used to be, times three i bet. Targeting an official opening date sometime mid-2013 or earlier, the first section which contains comics and other collectibles is already open for business. What the other sections will contain, well, we all just have to wait. But for the meantime make sure to visit Felix and the new store at the Fort Strip, and make sure to hang out and talk to other customers there because in Druids Keep, making friends or just talk about geek stuff is easy.


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