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Pinoy Comic Artists Draws for the Yolanda Victims at Local Comic Shops

The Philippines was hit hard by the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the strongest storm ever recorded. The region in Leyte, and in Tacloban was devastated because of the typhoon. A lot of people initiated multiple activities in order to help out the victims, like the people in the geek community.

Here in Manila, two of our partnered local comic shops – Druids Keep‘s Action for Yolanda Victims and Comic Odyssey‘s Art with Heart were charity drives that involve our local Pinoy Comic  artists and the comics community. Activities include sketching, auctions in which proceeds were given to various charitable foundations like Red Cross and GMA Kapuso Foundation.

In Comic Odyssey, local comics artists were present – sketching and selling stuff in order to help out with the drive. Sandy Sansolis, the owner of Comic Odyssey and his crew did their best in organizing the event and making the environment fun and friendly. Kudos to CO peeps!

Lots of artwork, sketches and original comic pages were displayed for auction.

International Pinoy Comics artists such as Leinil Francis Yu, Carlo Pagulayan, Mico Suayan, Jay Anacleto, Kim Jacinto, Jay David Ramos and Heubert Khan were present. Artworks by Jonathan Lau and Lan Medina were also up for bidding during the event. Though we cannot list down all the talented artists, CO and DK owners did their best behind the scenes too to acquire works from them and sell and raise funds for the drive. Over at Druids Keep they were also present to work on sketches and works.

On that day, I truly saw the goodness in the pinoy artists and their willingness to help. I saw that as they switch from one LCS to another, they did their best to accommodate the orders of customers since they know that the proceeds will truly help the victims and that they’re using their abilities to help out their fellow countrymen. I always see these from our local artists, and it’s truly inspiring and something to be proud of.

Felix Cua of Druids Keep (below) and his team, was very busy that day catering to orders but still found time to thank those who visited and supported the event. He also did a good job in making sure that the commissions were of top quality.

From the information we gathered, both drives were a huge success and was able to garner a huge amount for the donation. We would also like to thank everyone who participated – artists, buyers and people who spread the news about the art drive. Also, let us not stop here and continue to find other ways and opportunities to help out. Special thanks to Felix Cua and Sandy Sansolis for making this happen.

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