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KAPOW Universe Held NIGHT OF THE SENTINELS Event at Glorietta!

Kapow Universe
Last May 30th and 31st  2014,  Filbar’s  KAPOW Universe held an event called Night of the Sentinels sale. Located at the 2nd level Glorietta 5 in Makati, the event featured a Sentinel Exhibit, a couple of memorabilia from X-Men: Days of Future Past and an Artist Alley – where you can get your favorite Marvel character drawn for you.

Guest artists invited for this momentous event were:

We got to chat with Mr. Ivan Guerrero – Chief Creative Officer of Kapow Universe and Filbar’s. He expressed that he wants to showcase future events that features Marvel Comics characters based from the comics and movies.

Flipgeeks also had the chance to interview some of the artists in the artist alley:

FLIPGEEKS: If you haven’t become an artist, what would you be doing now?

Dong Beniga Jr.: Being a good and loving father to my kids.

FG: If you have been given the opportunity to draw any comics of your choice as your first gig, what would it be and why?

Jovenal Mendoza: Ive’ work in comics before in the late 90’s for Gasi. But if you ask me, if given a chance to work on another comic, I want to do something not hero-related…  a gangster based story, like 100 Bullets.

FG: What was the hardest comic-related project that you have worked on?

Thor Mangila: It’s a double-page that I did on Salem. The reason why is because, there were a lot of characters. I did everything from penciling, inking and even the coloring.

FG: How hard it is to create a comic book?

Thor Mangila: You need to understand how to do story-telling. It’s a good idea to always to watch movies to be inspired and to learn how to layout certain scenes. Always practice drawing. Always draw till you master you craft.

Kapow Universe mentioned their next event will be inspired by The Guardians of the Galaxy.  Stay tuned!


Robert Calupitan