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Arigatoys and Revoltech Philippines Announces LOOTBAG Details for Xmas Toy Fair

Earlier this week, the final teaser for the Revoltech lootbag by Arigatoys was revealed. Today we bring you the details of this awesome goodie bag that Arigatoys has in store for those who will go to their booth at the 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair (Xmas Toycon) .

If you’re going to the fair, of course you have to be prepared to spend. Spend on gifts for loved ones, friends and of course for your geeky self. Arigatoys and Revoltech Philippines made sure that when you go there, you’ll be able to spend your money right and have a great purchase!

For 1,250 Pesos you may avail of one of their limited lootbags. It is limited, but there’s a lot, especially for earlybirds. Here are the details of the items included in the lootbag:

* Arigatoys Gift Certificate (20% OFF on any item on their retailers)
* Ballpen
Bag Tag
Poster (5 Different Designs)
* The main draw of the low-price lootbag is the random Revoltech figure included inside which ranges from 1,500 to more than 2,500 pesos. These aren’t just your cheap figures, they’re actually good ones and fan-favorites. So enjoy the holidays with toys especially from revoltech! Here are figures you might randomly get:

a. Vic Viper

b. EVA 08

 c. Danboard [Renewal]

d. EVA 09

e. EVA 13

f. EVA 02 Gamma

g. Jinouga Hunter

h. Jinouga Dragon

i. Raiden

j. and the holy grail of the lootbag — Gurren Lagann Ex (Set of 4)

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