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MONSTER HUNTER Celebrates 10th Year With A Stylish Eyewear Collection!

Monster Hunter x Alook

It looks like Capcom isn’t skimping on Monster Hunter’s 10th anniversary celebrations. After announcing its special in-game Uniqlo armor for Monster Hunter 4, the company has now partnered with Japanese eyewear maker Alook to produce a collection of monster-themed glasses!

The collection will pay homage to some classic Monster Hunter creatures, including Yian Kut-Ku, Rage Mode Rajang, Rathian, Nargacuga, Rathalos, Felyne, and Melynx. Each pair will sell for 10,800 yen (around $106), with the Felyne and Melynx model going for 8,640 yen ($85), once the collection is released on August 2.

Check out the amazing designs here and tell us what you think!

Yian Kat-Ku:

Yian Kut Ku 1

Yian Kut Ku 2

  Rage Mode Rajang:

Rage Mode Rajang 1

Rage Mode Rajang 2


Rathian 1

Rathian 2

Gold Rathian:

Gold Rathian 1

Gold Rathian 2

Lucent Nargacuga:

Lucent Nargacuga 1

Lucent Nargacuga 2


Nargacuga 1

Nargacuga 2


Rathalos 1

Rathalos 2

Silver Rathalos:

Silver Rathalos 1

Silver Rathalos 2


Felyne 1

Felyne 2


Melynx 1

Melynx 2

The first 5,000 to purchase a pair of these spectacle frames will also receive a special rubber Airou keychain. While Alook does not do mail orders, those visiting or living in Japan can purchase through their stores once the collection is released. Until then, enjoy the full set of Monster Hunter x Alook images here!

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