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DC unveils info and designs of Earth-2 Batman and Robin

DC just revealed two images and details related the New 52 version of Earth-2 – the first multiverse world outside of the regular “New 52″ DCU world that is currently ushering in a new era of adventures and stories featuring favorite heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. With the planned “second wave” of books for the New 52 scheduled to hit this May, fans looking forward to seeing this alternate take on the DCU will no doubt be surprised with what DC Comics has in store for them, and they’ve given a taste of things to come… With the unveiling of designs and information on Earth-2 Batman and Robin! Click the link below for the jump, as this contains MAJOR SPOILERS.


Straight out of the upcoming EARTH-2 comic series comes the first look at Earth-2 Batman (designed by Jim Lee), who is described by the book’s editor Pat McCallum as “more ruthless and dangerous”. His story revolves around doing whatever it takes to protect his own daughter, Helena Wayne, who’s the only member of his family that he has left. So the big question asked is this… “Who is Batman willing to kill to save his own daughter?”. The answers lie in the pages of EARTH-2, one of the new books of the Second Wave of the New 52 coming out this May. For more info, visit the article itself at DC The Source.

Speaking of Helena Wayne, here she is as the parallel world’s Robin, partner to her father Batman. Spoilers were revealed by EARTH-2 writer James Robinson as to who she is and what she does, including the fact that she will eventually end up in the regular New 52 DC Universe in her current role as Huntress. How that happens remains to be seen, but her adventures in her own universe will be chronicled in EARTH-2 (as Earth-2 Robin) and WORLD’S FINEST (as Huntress), with the latter book pairing her with Power Girl. Expect more info to arise when these books come out, and check out more info in The Source.

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