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DC Comics Announces “CONVERGENCE” for 2015

DC Comics is releasing CONVERGENCE , a nine-part event series that will bring back characters new and old back to the fold.

Slated for release on April of 2015, CONVERGENCE will bring back characters, worlds and story lines that have been seemingly wiped clean or retconned when” Flashpoint” brought us The New 52. It will also bring the the weekly series The New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End to a close prior to its release.


DC Comics press release:

If you’ve been reading THE NEW 52: FUTURES END and EARTH 2: WORLD’S END, now is the moment you’ve been waiting for. All things converge as readers get to experience the DC multiverse like never before—hundreds of heroes, hundreds of villains, numerous worlds, and universe altering events all in one place, one time.

Taking place outside of time and space—on the question mark, just below Earth 29 and above Chaos, on the Map of the Multiverse—and introducing the new villain—Telos, this massive event will be published throughout April and May.

 “Convergence is in many ways the most meta epic event we’ve done.” co-publisher Jim Lee told USA Today “What we’re really addressing is they all exist and have existed and exist within the framework of the New 52.”
It will be Brainiac that will be throwing the whole DC universe into chaos this time, as he “trapped cities from various timelines and planets that have ended, brought them in domes to a planet outside of time and space, and is now opening them for a great experiment to see what happens when all these folks meet.”
With Jeff King(White Collar) as the head writer and Dan Jurgens co-writing, Convergence will feature art from Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia.
DC will also give a glimpse into the different world in the main series with a 40 two-part tie-in series.
While Grant Morrison’s series may be involved with Convergence, the world feature in it are new worlds and were not previously featured in the pre-52 series. An old version of Superman wearing his signature trunks has also been teased, as well as OMAC, Ted Kord, and many more.
It seems that DC and Marvel will also have a conflict as Secret Wars is also slated for release around the time Convergence will be released. With no definite date for Secret Wars, it seems that DC will have an advantage on its competition. That said, the only thing certain is that having two universe altering events for both companies is a definite win for comic book fans.

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