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Snyder And Capulo Unveils ENDGAME Arc For BATMAN!

Since picking up the Batman gig back in 2011, the creative team of Scott Snyder and former Spawn artist Greg Capulo have taken the Dark Knight Detective’s world by storm, with its ongoing New 52 title receiving critical acclaim in the process. They have brought mystery and a wide sense of scale with The Court of Owls and The Night of Owls, broke bonds between Batman and his allies in Death Of The Family, and uncovered Bruce Wayne’s new genesis in Zero Year. Now, their duo is set to create another milestone in their Batman saga, as they reveal an upcoming arc which might bring lasting repercussions to the Caped Crusader and Gotham – Endgame.

Beginning in Batman #35 this October, Snyder promises that the said event will be “the biggest, deadliest and most epic story yet.” It was also announced that it will only comprise of six issues, unlike Zero Hour which lasted for more than a year.

“The next [arc] is only six issues, so it’s not a year-long, it’s not ‘Zero Year’ at all, but it’s definitely our most muscular, crazy colorful [arc] so far,”, said Snyder, during an interview with Comic Book Resources.

Nothing much has been revealed yet regarding Endgame, but some fans have began speculating in connection with another Snyder-helmed title, Batman Eternal. Granted the scope of the said arc, as well as the current events in Eternal, this storyline might be the connecting tissue between those two titles.

Excerpt: Batman Eternal #1

No exact date in October has been given yet for Batman #35, but solicits for the issue have appeared at DC’s listings for quarter 4 of 2014.

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