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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The New Batman’s Identity Is Revealed In Earth-2 Annual!

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Robson Rocha, Scott Hanna
Colors: Pete Pantazis
Cover: Rags Morales, Brad Anderson

Drama, noir, and more drama fills this edition of Earth-2 Annual, focusing on the revelation of the New Batman’s identity, and his motivations that led him to taking the mantle of the Dark Knight.

Unlike my previous reviews, I won’t be discussing much of what happens in the issue, as it will spoil you up. Let’s just say that this one’s filled with flashbacks, so if you’re the kind who loves them, you know the drill.

One thing though: It’s not like what you’ve imagined.

Down with the technicalities. There was a slight shakeup with this issue, provided the fact that the art’s being handled by a diff. team this time. However, it doesn’t really affect Taylor’s run at all as the transition is seamless, and downright similar with its predecessor. Rocha and Hanna’s rendition of the 70’s era Earth-2 Gotham is also noteworthy of praise, as it captures perfectly that retro-feel, plus the mood and emotion needed for those scenes which depict the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The art in each panel is also consistent, and Pantazis’ vibrant colors also bring life to the story.

However, like I mentioned earlier, the reveal isn’t as much as most have speculated beforehand, as it is predictable. Some may say that it’s a giveaway too. But what makes it stand out is the way the build to the reveal was handled. Drama’s apparent, and it helped in bringing down the motivations that led the new Batman to his role. This just shows how Tom Taylor comprehends human emotion, and how it affects our ideals, our goals, and what not.

All in all, Earth-2 Annual is a good ride from start to finish.  You might be disappointed by the reveal, but the story is a piece of gem that everyone should praise about. Surely, the battle for Earth-2’s salvation is just beginning.


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