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Upcoming DC Collectibles Round-Up (May 2013)

Upcoming DC Collectibles Round-Up (May 2013)

There’s a lot of announcements on upcoming releases by DC Collectibles, and it has been a bit hard to keep track but we’re here to help you out. I must say I really love DC Collectibles, and even back when it was called DC Direct as they focus more on designs based on artist’s rendition of the characters. From action figures, memorabilia to statues they have created and are still designing and producing  awesome original products.

First let’s take a look at some original designs. One of the hottest items announced recently are for the line of DC Comics Bombshells.  This month we are treated with HARLEY QUINN and POISON IVY! Both are priced at US$125, and Harley will be released in November while Ivy is on September.

More original designs by DC Collectibles are The Joker Patina Mini Statue (6.5 inches, U$95, November release) and the Ame-Comi Steampunk Batgirl (US$60, November).

Next are related to the Batman videogame Batman: Arkham City and the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. DC Collectibles is going to release another statue a new line Batman Arkham City which is based on one of the most successful lines for Batman statues – Black and White. This line is similar to Black and White but it has more color in it but it  still is minimalistic. The line includes characters from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery from the game Arkham City, and now Riddler is next! Remember all those trophies and Riddler challenges that made the game fun and more challenging? Now you can get the Riddler statue as your own trophy for your shelf. To be released in November and is priced around US$125.

Batman Arkham City Riddler

The first two figures coming our way from the new Arkham Origins game are Batman and Black Mask. The figure looks great, especially Batman since the resemblance based on the trailer is very good. Each will be available at US$25 in October.

Arkham Origins Figures Batman and Black Mask

New Arkham City figures are on their way too. These new 2-packs feature characters in the game, some of the figures were already released individually but their partners are new ones. If you haven’t collected Arkham City figures, these 2-packs are the best way to start out. First is the Batman and Bane pack, due November for US$60. And the rest are the Penguin and Sickle pack, and the Harley Quinn and Mr. Hammer which are both priced at US$40 and to be released in November. Remember, those two ? Well, thank you DC Collectibles for creating them!

Next highlight is focused on the New 52 figures. After we got the 7-pack of the new Big 7, our guess was a shot at a villain-pack. But, we’re a bit disappointed since we’re gonna get a Heroes vs Villains 7-pack (US$100, November). These includes re-use of the previously released Aquaman, Flash and Batman, but we now have Catwoman, Captain Cold, Black Manta and repairman Joker. But don’t getting this won’t be that bad at all since we’re not seeing a lot of villains lately and that Joker is based on Capullo’s art! Also, DC will be releasing a Black Adam (US$25, November) figure that should have been in a villains pack! Last is Pandora, yes it’s that girl from Flashpoint and a rather important character in the New 52. She will cost US$25 and will be released in November.


With the end of Geoff Johns run in Green Lantern (see here for spoilers), more colored Lanterns are being released! Orange and Blue Lantern Power Battery with Power rings will cost US$200 and will be released in October and November respectively. Get your oaths memorized already guys!

Blue and Orange Lantern and Ring

Another highlight for the roundup arevery cool renditions of your favorite superheroes. We’ll be getting an Infinite Crisis Atomic Age Wonder Woman and a Nightmare Batman. If you like different versions of Batman and Wonder Woman and you like something more radical and really has a twist in them, these statues are perfect for your collection. Both are priced at US$125 and will be released in November and September respectively.

And of course we’re saving the best for last. The DC Comics Cover Girls line is back! And it will now have two women of the DCU that  every fan should have. We were let down a bit when the early New 52 versions came out, since we really liked the early statues that came out which the designs were based on Adam Hughes’ art. But with these Batwoman and Supergirl (New 52) statues, the line suddenly became better and are one of the best we’ve ever seen for any Superheroin statues. Batwoman stands 9.5in tall, has a nice base and action pose and will be released in November for US$100. Supergirl on the other hand, has a very good pose that emulates flight especially when you look at her feet! Supergirl is also US$100 and will be released in September.

DC Comics Cover Girls Supergirl

DC Comics Cover Girls Batwoman


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