Posted June 5, 2013 by Tony Tuason in Collectibles

New Kotobukiya DC ArtFX Superman: For Tomorrow, New 52 Deathstroke and Shazam (teaser)

The line for Kotobukiya ArtFX for DC Comics is definitely growing. In the past few weeks, Kotobukiya has revealed ned 1/6 scale DC ArtFX statues for Superman: For Tomorrow (based on Jim Lee) and a bad-ass New 52 Deathstroke (needed to be done since he’s appearing in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins).

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya Superman For Tomorrow

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya New 52 Deathstroke

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya deathstroke

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya Deathstroke

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya Deathstroke

Lastly, here’s a teaser for an upcoming new 52 Shazam.

ArtFX DC Kotobukiya New 52 Shazam

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