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A TALE OF TWO SPIDERS: Spider-Man Homecoming Action Figures


2017 is turning out to be another great year for us geeks. A number of superhero movies are coming out within the next months and come July, everyone’s favorite wallcrawler is coming back to the big screen with Spider-Man: Homecoming! You’ve seen the trailer and usually what follows next are the merchandises. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of Spider-Man: Homecoming related news and these were among that stand out!

Toy companies, MAFEX and S.H.Figuarts are going at it and would be releasing their own versions of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Their rendition of our favorite wallcrawler looks closely identical, however, they put their own special touches with their own action figures.

S.F. Figuarts Spider-man:Homecoming

S.F. Figuarts really went all out with their Marvel Cinematic Universe Line, from the Avengers and now with Spider-Man. Here’s what S.H.Figuarts has got to say about their version of Spider-Man:

“Peter Parker, 15, high school student! Handling brat is sorry!

Spider-Man appears from “Spider-Man: Homecoming” scheduled for August 11, 2017 (Friday, congratulation) nationwide roadshow! It reproduces the state until it sticks to the ground unique to Spider-Man or up to the action pose using the spider web. Reproduction in the play heightened by rich accessories such as eye exchange parts and smart phones! Action figure final version of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”!

· Action
Adopting the joint mechanism to reproduce the unique posing, pursue “posing spiderman” pose!

· Facial
By replacement parts, even rich expression is reproduced.

· Option
A variety of optional parts are included, and the degree of reproduction in the play is up!
■ Product Specifications
Height: about 145mm
Material: ABS, PVC

■ Set Contents
· Body
• Replacement wrist left and right each six
· Replacement eye parts 2 each on left and right
· Spider web (hand grip)
· Spider web (for launch) 2 types
– Soul STAGE for joint”

Did you notice the last part where it mentions about the Soul Stage? It’s actually not a stage but a wall! With S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man, you won’t just get an action base but a wall! They just leveled up the displayability of this action figure. This might just be the best version of Spidey to date! But an action figure as pretty as this don’t come cheap. Pre-orders are out and getting this Spider-Man package would cost you about $99.99 and is scheduled for release on August 2017.







MAFEX Miracle Action Figure EX – No.047 Spider-Man

Not to be outdone, MAFEX is going back to the basics with their Spider-Man action figure. They’re not huge on accessories this time around, just the usual interchangeable hands and heads that comes along with these kind of highly articulated action figures. What makes MAFEX’s Spidey special is that they’re releasing an unmasked Tom Holland interchangeable head! MAFEX sure knows their Spidey as they also released an unmasked head of Andrew Garfield back in Amazing Spider-Man 2! Here’s what MAFEX has to say about their Tom Holland Spider-Man:

“Spider-Man as seen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” gets an incredible MAFEX figure release from Medicom! He’s got a newly designed jointing system for an insane amount of posability, as is appropriate for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler, and he’s about 5.90 inches (15cm) tall. The new costume is painstakingly reproduced, and he comes with three interchangeable heads: one with normal eyes, one with squinty eyes, and an unmasked head (along with a mask to hold). A web strand is also included.”

Your wallet wouldn’t take much of a beating with the MAFEX’s Spider-Man. This wallcrawler pre-order cost is at about $79.99 with a release date of October 2017.

Spider-Man-Homecoming-MAFEX-005 Spider-Man-Homecoming-MAFEX-006 Spider-Man-Homecoming-MAFEX-004



Of all the Spider-Man:Homecoming that’s coming out, these two would have to be among the must haves. Question is, which one are you getting? It’s hard to pick one over the other, are you going for cost? Design? Accessories? It’s up to you! Best part about this is that you can go with either one. Both are pretty amazing!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled for release this July 2017!

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