Posted April 27, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

Is DC Animation Working on Flashpoint?

During an interview with Comic Book Club, legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy might have let slip that his next project with DC Comics could be the story arc “Flashpoint“.

“Oh! I did, just last night, record an animated movie that features the Flash. It’s more about the Flash but Batman is in it as well. What is the name of it? I can’t remember. Flash — ‘Flashpoint.’ I think it’s ‘Flashpoint.'”

Intentional or not, it seems like it would be a good break from all these Superman/Batman stuff.


Seriously guys, you have to listen to this podcast. Whenever Conroy spoke with that Batman tone of voice, shivers literally ran down my spine.

Also just for a quick history lesson, without Flashpoint there wouldn’t be any New 52 books.

Earl Maghirang