Posted December 26, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Are We Really Seeing a Watchmen Prequel from DC?

Bleedingcool.com is being persistent with fueling the rumors that DC is cooking up a sequel of sorts for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon‘s “Watchmen“, which could have been easily dismissed except for new art that surfaced featuring two characters from the book – The Comedian and Nightowl II.

Watchmen Comics Cover

But it seems like the rumors are starting to ring some semblance of truth to it thanks to the appearance of this art piece by artist J.G. Jones featuring Edward Blake aka The Comedian.

Watchmen The Comedian

The first victim in Adrian Veidt’s insane plot to unite the world, the Comedian seems younger in this art. We’ve actually seen him only a few times in the book wearing this. In the movie we get to see him killing Viet Cong soldiers wearing this garb. He looks a bit younger than the Blake we meet in the first issue.

Then there’s an art piece featuring the second Nightowl (Dan Dreiberg) as done by DC artist Andy Kubert

Watchmen Nite Owl

Looks pretty interesting but there’s something that I’d like to ask not just to myself but also to the other comic book readers out there. Are we really going to dig this?

I mean Watchmen was a masterpiece. Giving an open ending was a pretty cool way of  closing things and could even pave a way for a potential sequel (which IMO wouldn’t fly).

Earl Maghirang