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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Before Watchmen Comedian # 1

Reviewing Before Watchmen Comedian # 1 by Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones

The third series under DC’s “Before Watchmen” was received with mixed emotions from fans due to certain little detail.

Now if you’re not familiar with this guy (in the scary bondage mask) this is actually Edward Blake from the original Alan Moore written story. A one time member of the Minutemen and also the biological father of the second Silk Spectre. Yes he was also the man who got murdered in the opening chapter of Moore’s book.

Now in BW:C # 1 we get to see more of Eddie Blake as a soldier and as a hero. Under Azzarello’s able hands, we meet a rather likeable Eddie. He’s a damn patriot for crying out loud. Plus he’s very close with the Kennedys including JFK. The art was great. What do you expect? This ambitious project had J.G. Jones in it. Getting this book and then having Jones do the art covers like 75% percent of what you paid for.

There are a couple of intrigues and some minor action scenes in Comedian # 1 and while it tries to flesh out more of the life and times of the Comedian. In my opinion the dialogues are good but due to the fact that its not done by Alan Moore tends to make it a lot less appealing. Don’t take it the wrong way, the book is good and can even stand up on its own but its like what mutant Layla Miller does in the current X-Factor books.

“It brings you back to life but you get resurrected without a soul.”

That and the fact that it commits a serious blunder in this reviewer’s eyes.

You see in the original book, it was implied that Blake was the man behind the death of John F. Kennedy. There were even some promotional materials that further “implied” this crime fighter.I

Zack Snyder’s Watchmen went even further and actually SHOWED in the opening credits that it was Blake that assassinated JFK (check the video below. It’s at the 2:27 mark).

But in this new book, the folks at DC Comics seemed to have forgotten about that detail. Instead of a man that is unmoved by killing a United States president, we see a man who weeps and shares a bottle of liquor with a mortal enemy. Not only that there was also a dialogue between JFK’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy where she keeps “saying” that Blake “loved” John with which the Minuteman would correct to the term “respect”.

What gives?

Overall, Before Watchmen: Comedian # 1 is a nice book. But ultimately it flounders because of the blatant changes. I was clearly expecting that DC enrich the story not make some major overhauls.

Verdict: 3/5

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Earl Maghirang