Posted December 11, 2010 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

Review: New Avengers # 7

Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

This issue picks up right where we left off. Brother Voodoo dead in fighting the Agamotto and the newly rebuilt Avengers mansion getting trashed once more.

And the New Avengers are picking up the pieces once more. Moving on with their lives and making sure that they fight crime on their own way without any support from Steve Rogers.

This was actually a fun issue even though it provided (a) no action (b) no drama. This is where writer Brian Michael Bendis really excels. Though mostly known as a talking head type of writer, the characters in New Avengers # 7 alone feels really alive, organic, real and very very smart-ass-ish.

The issue deals with a lot of issues that all get addressed as you turn each page.

Spider-Man was the definite star of the issue as well as Squirrel Girl.

The aforementioned issues include stuff regarding the Avengers paycheck and how Spidey doesn’t get one because of his secret identity. As well as the team’s whole reaction on accepting Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man flipping when he finds out who Victoria Hand is, is also a great read. Him having to sit down and react and listen to Osborn’s shattered dream was a great selling point.

Another great part was the discussion on whether they should get paid or if they should remain pro bono. This makes the book more livelier. Even The Thing had a thing or two to say which made the book worth it even more.

In total, this issue is a total runaway winner for it’s wit and it’s realism and for the overall humor. Imagine even Doctor Strange‘s assistant Wong makes his presence felt.

Oh and I never realized that Wolverine and Squirrel Girl were an item before nor were Luke Cage and Damage Control head Ann-Marie Hoag..

Earl Maghirang