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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Lantern # 0

Comic book review for Green Lantern # 0 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

The Rise of the Third Army” is definitely in full swing with the release of GL # 0. After the shocking conclusion of the GL Annual # 1, we finally meet the new replacement Green Lantern of Sector 2814 – Simon Baz.

A lot of people were talking about the release of the teaser image featuring the new GL, some were not pleased while others were pretty excited. Around that time I was with the “excited” bunch. I liked the design and I loved the idea of a GL that’s equipped with a handgun with middle eastern roots to boot.

When we meet Baz, he’s in a pinch as he’s been accused of being a terrorist after a carjacking caper goes horribly wrong. The ring actually gets to him just in the nick of time which was pretty cool. But I’d like to talk about how Baz’s history was written.

It’s good that Johns is now integrating a major DC character getting revamped to meet the whole “multicultural” vibe. I have to give credit to Johns for portraying the ugly truth of racial profiling, stereotyping and additional bullying that Middle Eastern men and women experienced in a world after the tragic 911 terror attacks.

I applaud Johns for writing something that showed how sad and how mean the world can become to people whose only problem is have the same ethnicity as “bad eggs”.  Hands down Johns can be a crafty feller as he even wrote in Team 7 member Amanda Waller. (Insert slow clap here).

This was a cool issue with lots of great character moments for our new Green Lantern and the #0 tag in front was a great way of saying that this is only the beginning for our new GL, Baz.

Verdict: 10/10

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Earl Maghirang