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Top 5 Resurrections in Comic Books

Happy Easter folks.

With that being said here are my top 5 resurrections in modern day comic books. Again, these are my picks and if you’d like to contradict or support these picks, feel free to leave your comments on the comment section.

5. Flash (Wally West)

Wally West sacrificed himself to stop the rampaging Superboy Prime in “Infinite Crisis”. To do this he had to trap Prime inside the speed force but before doing so, he took along his wife and twins. The revamped Justice League of America together with the Justice Society of America joined force to solve a mystery about the time displaced members of the “Legion of Superheroes”. What they didn’t know was the fact that they were following the “Scooby Gang” as they try to catch an important speedster who also died. The combined legionnaires, JSAers and JLAers were also happy to find the return of Wally West.

4. Flash (Barry Allen)

Final Crisis was a clusterf*ck. I still loved it but it was still a headache to read. Two of the best things I certainly loved about it though was the fact that this opened a window for the return of the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen who died during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. While he returned, this iteration of Barry Allen was distant and very gloomy a far cry from the classic Flash that we all loved. While his return was glorious it certainly was mired by a lot of drama and a very-emo Allen.

Still without his resurrection we wouldn’t have seen Geoff Johns’ Flash with Francis Manapul as well as Flashpoint nor will we be reading any of the cool New 52 books.

3. Captain America

Captain America’s return to the Marvel Universe was a bit of a shock. He died in the pages of Captain America # 25 after being gunned down by Crossbones and at the same time being shot in point blank range by Sharon Carter. We later find out that it was a plot to remove Steve’s soul from his body so that the Red Skull can transfer his consciousness into the empty shell of Rogers.

The death pushed Bucky Barnes to take on the mantle of Captain America. When he returned, he was also the catalyst for the events of Siege and Heroic Age.

2. Jean Grey


Jean Grey might be the poster girl for Resurrection but it doesn’t mean that she’s number one on my list. She last died “canonically” in the pages of New X-Men after she was given a “planetary scale stroke” courtesy of Xorn/Magneto. She also made several short “appearances” in the several minis including Phoenix Warsong and Phoenix End Song.

Most recently the Phoenix force is in a collision course for Earth which triggers the events of AvX. 

1. Green Lantern

I’m not a hardcore Green Lantern fan but you have to admit that the return of Hal Jordan definitely changed DC Comics by opening new doors for creators. Heck Geoff Johns even managed to create three major events in the last volume of GL (Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, War of the Green Lantern).

Without Hal’s return we wouldn’t see any cool concepts explored such as the birth of the seven corps as well as Brightest Day and without Hal Jordan in the middle, we wouldn’t be able to see Sinestro returning to the GLC which is what is currently happening in the New 52 books.


Earl Maghirang