Posted May 9, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

A Tale of Two Flashes in Flashpoint

As this week yields the release of DC Comics’ FLASHPOINT # 1 there have been several rumors that have been rumored regarding the new event by writer Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert.

1. FLASH CORPS – One of the biggest rumor for the upcoming mega-event from DC is that by the end of the series, there will be a new FLASH CORPS running around the DCU with their fearless leader BARRY ALLEN aka The FLASH.

And if you do check the roster of the supposed team, you’ll see that there is no KID FLASH

2. TWO FLASHES – Another persistent rumor is that by the end of FLASHPOINT, there will be two people calling themselves THE FLASH (minus Wally West)… One of them will be wearing a Blue variant of the Flash costume while the other one will be donning the Red costume…

Just check out this image from the GL/Flashpoint comic book giveaway from this year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

I have to admit that I don’t really dig the new megaevent from DC (unlike BLACKEST NIGHT which was pretty effin’ amazing) nor am I getting any interest in the tie-ins and miniseries….

But if the rumors and the hype is true, then I might just pick up the title for the sake of seeing these things unfold.

Images courtesy of Thefanboyseo

Earl Maghirang