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COMIC REVIEW: Green Lantern: Emerald Warrior # 8

Reviewing Green Lantern Emerald Warrior # 8 by Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin.

The third part of the War of the Green Lantern crossover completely takes a different twist with revelations from both characters Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.

While some subplots have been dropped in order to accommodate Geoff John’s “War” plot, the book retains some sense of being distinct and manages to shed new light to Guy Gardner as a likeable, blue-collar Green Lantern.

I believe that this first foray of the Emerald Warrior title into the War is something that is completely balanced. From Guy and Hal’s fist fight to their eventual make-up by the issue’s end, to Kilowog’s sacrifice in order to keep an eye on the mind-controlled GLC flying back to Oa.

While I really wouldn’t recommend this to new readers especially since it has ties to tons to previous issues including Blackest Night and especially on Krona, the renegade Guardian.

That’s the sad part about this, as the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds is about to hit theaters around the world right smack in the middle of the new arc.

While I previously doubted Peter Tomasi‘s solo effort on a Guy Gardner book, I am currently digging this whole new book. Too bad though as the exploration of the unknown sectors had to be cut short as well as introduction of new potential big-bad villains that will help shape the future of Green Lantern Corps. Tomasi’s dialogue is such a great read as it definitely helps flesh out the characteristics of each GL member in Guy’s squad including Arisia and Kilowog.

Fernando Pasarin‘s work on the book is totally awesome as well. His action scenes are clean while the emotion during the fist fight between Hal Jordan and Guy was pretty cool as well.

Verdict: I’m giving this a 9 1/2 out of a possible 10 rating. Again because of its inaccessibility to new audience. Otherwise, this is a great book and a great addition for the GL books DC Comics puts out.

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