Posted August 11, 2010 by Tony Tuason in Movies/TV

Green Lantern Movie – Kilowog first image revealed

Check out the first image of Kilowog from the Green Lantern movie:

One of the mightiest member of the Green Lantern Corps and also one of Hal Jordan’s instructors. Kilowog, a genetic scientist from the planet Bolovax Vik, is also famous in comics for the term “poozer” which he often use. Though we have seen a preliminary image of Ryan Renolds in GL Costume, Wog’s costume looks different especially the GL insignia. Maybe this isn’t really final at all? or if it is, maybe in the next months we’ll see an updated Hal Jordan costume. Somehow he kinda looks like a puppy, or ET even. But still, Kilowog’s illustrations in comics have changed over the years and we can safely say that they certainly got the look for the big GL. He looks loveable but still look badass at the same time, I’m sure we can’t wait to see the big guy in action next year.

Stay tuned for more Green Lantern updates.

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