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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1 (Volume 1) was a DC-title that I wanted to start with. But with an insufficient budget, I passed on it. Time’s past and with a good offer from my local comic shop, I couldn’t resist it. From my knowledge before reading the comic was Batman/Bruce Wayne is back and his Robin is Damian, who acts like a skilled, dark, robotic ass. I’d thought that this must be a great potential to get in to some father-son squabble and an interesting dynamic duo. After reading Batman and Robin #1, I was quite right.

Peter Tomasi did a great work producing great character work on both main characters. You can feel the tension between father and son. Learning from friends about the series’ first volume, Damian is an insensitive and annoying kid. He had issues with Dick Grayson, gone through Dick’s way and challenges, and ended up to win his respect. But, since the NEW Batman is gone back to Nightwing and Damian’s father, Bruce Wayne (THE Batman) is back. Damian is back to zero and needs to prove himself to his old man. Tomasi startled me executing another side of Bruce Wayne that I haven’t seen. I wont spoil it. But I did like it.

I haven’t heard of this Patrick Gleason fellow but he sure did delivered stellar art. With good details, panels and pacing, I have no qualms with him.

This is a good issue to start the series. With the new (for me, somewhat lame kind of) villain in hand from a great distance away from the dynamic duo, I suspect that they will all meet in the third or fourth issue. I will probably get the future issues for more on the development between father and son-Batman and Robin.

Earl’s Take

Batman and Robin # 1 by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason is definitely a scene stealer for this week’s comic releases for DC’s New 52. I am really amazed with the way Peter Tomasi has handled Bruce Wayne as a character. He’s a positively swell guy for this book unlike his prior appearance in Detective Comics.

For me, I found two things that was really interesting for this book. The first was the new dynamics between father and son tandem of Bruce and Damien. This all means was a different Robin for the same old Batman. While we’ve all been accustomed to the continuous bickering between Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne after the events of “Battle for the Cowl”, Bruce had never really encountered let alone worked with Damien even after he returned from his time travelling adventure. So naturally it was entertaining for me to read how Bruce would react to Damien’s snarky attitude and his arrogance.

The second thing that really made me tune in to this book was the mystery between the first arc’s main villain Nobody who has some sinister plans for the denizens of Gotham City. I did like how the baddie managed get the better of the Russian Batman who suffers at the later part of the book.

Overall, this was an excellent book that should be picked up by Batfans of all ages. Oh and this was also a great precursor for the upcoming “Batman” book which will be written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo.

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