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Francis Manapul returns to the Flash together with Brian Buccelato focusing on a fresh new take for DC Comics‘ Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen together with his supporting cast. A new costume, a new way of getting into his gear and a new take on the character is the order for this hip and fast book.

Barry Allen returns to his life as a forensics expert but this time he is no longer married and is dating someone else in the form of Patty Spivot who made her appearance in the Geoff Johns-penned volume which led to the events of “Flashpoint”. Barry seems to be happy with the setup which is a good thing considering that the previous volume focused on a darker and more brooding Barry.

The art done by Manapul is eye-popping, for the cover price alone the book is worth it. The story seems to be a little off with Manapul choosing to go for a story thats set in the present rather than scripting a re-envisioned origin for the Flash.

One thing that irks me in this new volume for the New 52 is the fact that DC execs went ahead and removed the marriage between Barry and Iris. The couple has been one of the strongest storybook lovers thats been running for decades and we see that grind to a screeching halt.

They mystery for the book is so-so. It wasn’t that intriguing for me to go and wait for the next issue but its also not that boring that I could actually predict where the story goes for issue # 2 onwards. The Flash fans and even the guys and girls that are not expecting too much from a DC book can definitely pick up the book and start reading up with no problem of getting confused along the way.

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