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During this past weekend, DC Comics, all superior staff Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns went up to their panel in Wondercon 2016 and announced their biggest movement - Rebirth. DC’s The New 52 started five years ago, and Rebirth will start with the 80-page one-shot DC Universe: Rebirth will hit comic book shelves on May 25th.

The three announced the creative teams of all the DC titles that would reboot their entire universe. Within these teams, Filipino artists were named.

Action Comics Rebirth

STEPHEN SEGOVIA, well known for Superior Carnage and Dark Wolverine in Marvel and recent work for DC’s Adventures of Superman and cover work in may Valiant titles. He gets to be in the artist roster for ACTION COMICS!

It picks up at issue #957 with writer continuing the story of SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK. and will be released twice a month. The first story line is Path of Doom. 

Writer Dan Jurgens explains, “Luthor declared himself Superman of Metropolis and that’s kinda what Superman is there. He looks back at Lex and they’re not exactly like good buddies, he does not trust him at all.”

Trinity Rebirth

FlipGeeks got to have a word with Segovia for a comment, he said that he is sorry that he couldn’t give out any details as of yet.

Action Comics #957 will be released this June 2016.

FRANCIS MANAPUL has stayed in DC for a long time. With his long run of story and art for The Flash and multiple arcs on Detective Comics, he is now going to launch TRINITY with artist Clay Mann. Not a lot of details were mentioned other that it is a monthly book.

Trinity #1 will be released this August 2016.

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