Posted January 11, 2017 by Miguel Asistio in Comics

DC REBIRTH Vol. 1 Trailers released!

The relaunch that had been the buzz of the comics world last year, marches on this year with a set of trailers specifically to hype the collected editions. The titles featured on DC REBIRTH will have their first volumes released on bookstores and comic shops, as well as online distributors like Amazon. The first set of titles to be released will be Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow – all self-titled comics featuring the heroes themselves. A sixth title is Justice League, with the World’s Greatest Heroes front and center.

Oliver Queen re-encounters Black Canary in his own title, while Barry Allen is set to deal with the people of the city he protects having powers just like him. The Dark Knight looks to subdue a new threat in Gotham City, while The Amazon Princess wrestles with the secrets of her past. All the while, a triumphant return for the Man of Steel – the version last seen before Flashpoint – will take place, alongside his now-wife Lois Lane, and their baby boy, Jon Kent. As the heroes band together in Justice League, they’ll be joined by Cyborg as well as not one, but two Green Lanterns.

All of these adventures will be readable in their respective collected editions, with more sets of titles to receive their own collections along the way. The Rebirth collections will start coming out this January, with one title being released per week.

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