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Robert De Niro And Edgar Ramirez Straps Up Their Gloves For HANDS OF STONE!

Get ready for another epic boxing film in the making!

More than two years ago, talks came up that Al Pacino and Gael Garcia Bernal were attached in a movie project depicting the life story of boxing legend Roberto Duran. Pacino was playing Duran’s trainer Ray Arcel while Bernal was slated to portray Duran.

However, the cast has been reportedly switched and it was now Robert de Niro who will portray Arcel, Usher will play Sugar Ray Leonard, and Edgar Ramirez (Wrath of the Titans, Zero Dark Thirty) will be taking on the role of Mr. Manos de Piedra himself, Roberto Duran.

Here is the very first look of the actors in a shot from the said movie project entitled Hands of Stone.


Hands of Stone will follow the life of Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran, who debuted in the world of professional boxing at the young age of 16. The film will also look into his famous fight with Sugar Ray Leonard and the infamous “No Mas” rematch. The film will be directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz.

Hands of Stone is scheduled for a 2015 release. Mark your calendars, boxing fans!

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