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Norby’s take:

From the list of DC ‘The New 52′ comics that came out this week, I only planned two books to get from my local comic shop: Snyder’s Swamp Thing and this.

I’m not a DC reader. So, it is a fact that I haven’t read the famed Grant Morrison-Vertigo series run. I want to pick this up because of my man crush of Jeff Lemire. He is just an amazing talent, and he proved it with his fantastic indie series – The Essex County, his intrinsic – The Nobody, and his current mellow-drama -Sweet Tooth. His moody, humanistic stories just raves me. So, when I first that heard he was going to get a take on this old Vertigo & now a DC character, I saw to not only follow Lemire but also a good entry point to read a DC book.

Jeff Lemire started the book with untraditional amazing fictional magazine interview with Buddy Baker. It gave us Buddy’s origins and history. Also, it mentioned some of Buddy’s thoughts and principles that would surely exercise throughout the issue. He mentioned in a podcast that Buddy Baker is a family man and each member of his family will give a significant role in the series. From that and reading the issue, it is confirmed that it is truly is.

Another that complimented the story was the art of Travel Foreman. He raised my eyebrows. Reminded me like it was the 1980’s, especially with the coloring by Lovern Kindzierski. I bet from most people you’ll get a, ‘meh’. But, his art has shows got fancy and stylish panels and layouts, and good and solid facial and body motion. Just to tell the truth. I didn’t mind his art.

After reading the issue with it’s good re-introductory of the series, great story and good unfamiliar constructed art, it made me want to read more. Animal Man #1 is a great and simple comic book, for old fans even for new readers, like me.

Earl’s take:

Animal Man was one of the titles that I did not bother to pick up at first. Sure I was familiar with the titular character himself as well as his family but I was definitely not happy with the way he was treated both in his appearance in DC’s “52” as well as his last solo book. There was a bit of nostalgia however when I did pick up the book and I found myself interested.

Yes, DC Comics has won again in their quest to get the readers hooked on their second and third tier characters. Buddy Baker, his family and the story that Jeff Lemire weaves has gotten me interested again in a character whose only power was to mimic the abilities of animals.

As I keep mentioning over and over again, it’s Buddy’s family dynamics and his longing for the superhero life that makes it interesting. And because the New 52/ DCnU promised to bring in something for everybody, we all find out that there’s something going on with Buddy’s daughter Maxine.

The horror and gore element for his book is tolerable for my taste although there are still some imagery that really shocks and disturbs comic book readers who just focus specifically on superhero books. With that said, its a forgivable sin thanks to the gorgeous interior art as well as the cover.

The book will be perfect for horror comic book fans as well as for the fans of Animal Man/ Buddy Barker. This ain’t no traditional superhero book so don’t get comfy with the idea though.

Verdict: Pass

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