Posted October 8, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Action Comics # 13

Comic book review for Action Comics # 13 by Grant Morrison and Travel Foreman

This is a good issue in my opinion because it brings back an important fixture in Superman’s life; somebody that fans have been clamoring ever since the New 52 officially began and its pretty obvious thanks to the Bryan Hitch cover who that ‘somebody’ is.

So we get to see the events that happened in the final moments of Krypton and the reason why Krypto is nowhere to be found (admit it, we all thought that the goat carcass was actually Krypto but we were dead wrong).

Flash forward to this issue where Superman encounters an enemy that traces its roots to his father Jor El. I’m not too keen on the details about this character but I’m going to say that this guy has the makings of being a recurring villain in this new world of Superman.

There’s a couple of references that I couldn’t help but do a hoot while reading including an incomplete “Kneel before…” which heralds back to the classic Superman 2.

There’s a lot of other things here in this book that might be important in the future including an unofficial confirmation that Trinity War might have something to do with each of the ‘three sinners’ striking alliances with several powerful members of the DCU including members of the Justice League. In this case the ‘sinner’ that’s present is none other than Phantom Stranger.

I’m actually very happy with this issue as its one-and-done and it returns a very cute and cuddly character back into the fold. This issue also features some new threads that might be explored by whomever’s going to write Action Comics after Morrison’s departure from the book in the near future.

Travel Foreman’s art here is pretty impressive. Why couldn’t they have placed him when AC started instead of Rags Morales (of course no offense to Morales who also fared well in the first story arc).


Earl Maghirang