Posted June 25, 2013 by Nicolo Parungo in Comics

Pak And Kuder Bring Action To “Action Comics” In November

Following an arc from Superman scribe Scott Lobdell “Action Comics” will get a new creative team in Greg Pak (Batman/Superman, World War Hulk) and Aaron Kuder (Superman).

Aaron Kuder’s cover for Superman #20

No plot details have been revealed, but Pak does promise plenty of action (har har) and with a resume that includes a long run with Marvel’s Incredible Hulk he’s the perfect candidate to take on the “Big Blue Boy Scout” he’s also writing Batman/Superman which comes out tomorrow. Kuder has been drawing for Scott Lobdell’s “Superman” so he should have no problem transitioning to Action, he’s also writing and drawing the Parasite one shot for DC’s Villain’s month.

Greg Pak will be writing Batman/Superman with art by Jae Lee

The new team will debut in Action Comics #25 out in November.

Nicolo Parungo