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DC COMICS Celebrates HALLOWEEN with Monster-Themed Variants this October

It’s Halloween in July at the DC HQ, as the company releases the first look at September’s Monster themed variant covers featuring zombies, vampires, crazy eight-eyed creatures, and more.

DC’s themed variant cover cavalcade has been a monthly staple since the beginning of the year, kick-starting with Scribblenauts Unmasked themed variants for January, and moving on to Steampunk variants for February, Robot Chicken variants for March, MAD variants for April, a Batman ’66 theme for May, Bombshells variants for June, a special assortment of Batman variants for the beloved Bat-guy’s 75th Anniversary for July, and the pop-culture referencing selfie variants for August. September, however, will not have any themed variants, but will instead feature one-shot tie-ins to the company-wide event, Futures End. In place of the standard covers, 3D lenticular versions will be sold alongside standard editions.

An assortment of DC’s Themed Variant Covers throughout the year

This October, as the apparent tradition calls for, DC will be celebrating Halloween with ghoulish versions of our favorite heroes, starting with the variants for issue #35 of  the following titles: Action Comics, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, Justice League Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Check out the variants below:

Action Comics #35 by Neal Adams

Aquaman #35 by Mark Nelson

Batman and Robin #35 by Chris Burnham

Justice League #35 by Rafael Albuquerque

Superman #35 by Jason Pearson

Wonder Woman #35 by Aaron Lopresti

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