Posted December 3, 2015 by Miguel Asistio in Comics

DC Comics releases COLORING BOOK Variants this January 2016

Coloring books have always been a favorite activity of children, if not a prerequisite to bigger responsibilities in life, as the young scrappers are taught symmetry and how not to color outside the lines. Recently, coloring books have found a new, unlikely audience: adults. Giving birth to more complex illustrations to color, and overall a new pastime for busy parents and workers to do during their downtime.

DC Comics is getting in on the coloring fun with their upcoming DC Adult Coloring Book variant covers. Whether you’re an aspiring comic colorist wanting to make it in the big leagues, or just wanting to put your own wacky take on the costumes or your favorite super-heroes, these comic variants are sure to provide for some fun for the kid in heart!

DC Adult Coloring Book variant covers are solicited to be released this January 2016.

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