Posted February 9, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman And Robin #6

Reviewing Batman and Robin # 6 by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason from DC Comics.

Earl’s take:

The new adventures of father and son duo of Bruce Wayne and Damien Wayne continues in the sixth issue of BnR. When we last left the two, Robin has joined up with Robin and are up to some nefarious dealings while Batman searches for his wayward son.

The latest issue features something that I have long waited from the new 52 books. A quick look at the revised past of DC’s caped crusader. The book actually delivers that with oodles more of action and intrigue.

The book’s main baddie, Nobody aka Morgan Ducard is a great addition to provide the necessary exposition on how the father and son tandem works. The guy is dead set in making a point. In my opinion, he’s the skewed version of soldier waging war against crime; not just locally but internationally. Ducard’s shared history with Wayne makes for an interesting plot (which I am sure can be visited over and over again).

Sadly, while the book was almost perfect in terms of storytelling and technique, the inherent flaw for the book comes from the art of Patrick Gleason. Gleason’s art drops from page to page which is really a major bummer for me. There are some scenes which makes Bruce Wayne look like a muscle bound meathead rather than a cunning, sinewy fighter. Flip the page over to the next page and you’ll see him in the present and looking like a lean, mean apex predator. While the art can be erratic, there was a cool scene towards the end that looks extremely awesome.

I’m telling you its the stuff of some classic T-shirts.

Verdict: 9/10

Norby’s take:

From the previous issue. You can feel the high emotions betweens the father-son relationship of Bruce and Damian. But as I predict with this course as the story goes, this issue still gave me a fulfilled content with my monthly hunger of this Bat-title.

The creative team – Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason executed this issue very well. It seems that Gleason’s art showed more effort in it just to put this out as a good issue.

As I said in my past reviews of this title, this book is to show the relationship of father and son developing growing as it to show that it will grow in the betterment of the partnership of Batman and Robin. Tomasi beated us out with some good lines as did Gleason drew amazing panels at the second to the last page of the issue that grew suspense for the last page. My only problem was there were some minimal amount of panels that weren’t right. The last page wasn’t sufficed for me. I guess, making it more gritty and exaggerate a bit would make it more a great ending.

This book speaks good storytelling and breakdown of panels. Can’t wait for the next issue.

Earl Maghirang